Under the Sea

Under the Sea


Here, we imagine diving to the bottom of the sea and discovering large sea creatures at work. Whether it is starfish and sand dollars or sea urchins and conch shells, you can find them here!  

We have two variations of this bottle, one with a pink clam shell, purple sea urchin, and white knobby starfish; the other with an orange fan shell, cut vole shell, and large sugar starfish.  Other accent shells may be added based on shell availability. 

Choose color scheme from drop down menu, pictures are named by the colors they have.

One size available, specific measurements below:

  • 1.5L: 4"x4"x14"

** Be aware that exact shell placement and type may vary.  Exact bottle measurements may differ by up to 1".  Please email if you have specific measurement requirements or specific requests.

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