Shoreline - Large

Shoreline - Large


Our inspiration for this coastal lighted bottle comes from walking on the shore of the ocean, when the trails of tiny shells are washed up by the waves to your feet.  As you walk through the surf, maybe you find a special, larger, more unique shell to take home with you.  This is where our Shoreline bottle originates.  On this bottle, you will find a trail of tiny shells along the sand and frosted glass.  We frost the glass ourselves, giving the bottle light a soft glow.

This bottle is a larger version of our regular shoreline and only comes in clear.  

One size available, specific measurements below:

  • 1.5L: 4"x4"x14"

**Please note exact shell placement and shell type is approximate.  Exact bottle measurements may differ by up to 1".  Please email if you have specific measurement requirements or specific requests.

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